Glass Specifications

Exterior Pinecrest Single or Multi-lite door design have insulated double glazing

Exterior Pinecrest Doors with Leaded glass designs will have insulated triple glazing with double safety glass

Interior Pinecrest Doors have single glazing

Glass Types:

Standard Clear Glass: (Beveled or Non-beveled)

Textured Glass:

Acid Etched (Beveled and Non-beveled)

Antique Clear (Non-beveled)

Baroque (Non-temperable) Shown in leaded glass designs

Glue Chip (Non-beveled)

Sandblasted (Non-beveled)

Seedy Swirl (Non-beveled) (Temperable)

Waterglass (Non-beveled) (Temperable) NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

Other glazing options: (See link below)