Shutter Specifications

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Shutter Specifications

PINECREST® manufactures custom size fixed louvers and solid panel shutters for both exterior and interior use. We also manufacture custom designed shutters such as our SOUTH SEAS™ and UNIVERSITY SHUTTERS.

A. Woods:

PINECREST® shutters are made from kiln dried woods with natural variations in color, grain and texture. Hand select lumber is available for interior shutters. If you intend to use a nonstained (clear) finish, we recommend hand select lumber. Cedar is not available in hand select.

Exterior shutters are made from Western Red Cedar. American Black Cherry, Philippine Mahogany, Soft Maple, Plain Sawn Red Oak, Quarter Sawn Red Oak, Stain and Paint Grade Poplar are also available for interior use.

B. Sizes:

Thru 36"W x 96"H. Larger sizes available upon request. Chatham, Cheshire, Surrey, Windsor and York are available thru 30"W x 80"H (shutter configuration: 101).

C. Thickness:

1-3/8" is standard.

D. Louver Blade Widths:

Vary from 1-1/4" upwards.

E. Construction:

Pegged mortise and tenon.

F. Finishing:

PINECREST® Western Red Cedar and Paint Grade Poplar shutters are supplied unfinished or primed. All other woods are supplied unfinished.


  1. Unsealed shutters must not be subject to abnormal heat, dryness, humidity, or sudden atmospheric changes. Store flat on a level surface in a dry, well ventilated building. Cover to keep clean, but allow air circulation. If shutters are stored for more than one week, it is important that all surfaces and edges of shutters be thoroughly primed with two coats of high quality oil base primer.
    Before priming, shutters must be clean. Remove handling marks, loose wood fibers and raised grain by sanding with fine sandpaper. Thoroughly prime all surfaces and edges with two coats of high quality oil base primer. Lightly sand between coats. Follow priming by applying at least two coats of high quality oil base exterior or interior paint (whichever is applicable). Be sure to apply top coats to all surfaces and edges.
    Follow #1 above except substitute sealer for primer.
    Follow #2 above except substitute sealer for primer. Usually wood stains are applied before sealer to ensure proper penetration of stain. Follow sealing by applying two coats of interior varnish. Sand lightly between coats. Be sure to apply varnish to all surfaces and edges.
  4. Note: If shutters with solid panels are finished while in a horizontal position, the finishing material may enter the mortises in the stiles and rails causing the panel to seize. To avoid this situation, make sure the paint or varnish does not pool around mouldings, etc.
  5. Improper finishing may cause wood products to fail. Pinecrest® will not be responsible for wood products that fail due to improper finishing.
  6. Wood products expand and contract. Witness lines appearing around panels, louver edges and mouldings are normal and are not considered to be defects in quality and workmanship. Small surface or edge checks are not to be considered defects.

G. Louver Orientation

In modern times, most exterior louver shutters are not closed; consequently, the louver orientation is in a downward position to shed water. If your intention is to install shutters to be operable in the historical way, you must specify the louver orientation you desire.

H. Rabbeted Stiles

I. Hardware:

Not included.

J. Shutter Capping:

PINECREST® highly recommends shutter capping on exterior shutters to prevent shutter tops from water damage. Capping is available in copper (may be painted to match shutters).

K. Faux Control Rods:

Fixed louvered shutters are available with faux control rods.

L. Standard Stile and Rail Dimensions (Approximate):

Standard dimensions do not apply to customer specified stile and rail sizes, special rail alignments and shutters with more than one intermediate rail.

Shutter Sizes Stile Top Rail (1) Intermediate Rail Bottom Rail
12"W – 24"W x 75"H or less 2-1/2" 2-1/2" – 3-1/2" 2-1/2" – 3-1/2" 4" – 4-1/2"
Over 24"W – 30"W x 75"H or less 3-1/2" 2-1/2" – 3-1/2" 2-1/2" – 3-1/2" 4" – 4-1/2"
Over 30"W – 36"W x 75"H or less 4" 2-1/2" – 3-1/2" 2-1/2" – 3-1/2" 4" – 4-1/2"
12"W – 24"W x Over 75"H – 84"H 2-1/2" 2-1/2" – 3-1/2" 2-1/2" – 3-1/2" 6" – 6-1/2"
Over 24"W – 30"W x Over 75"H – 84"H 3-1/2" 2-1/2" – 3-1/2" 2-1/2" – 3-1/2" 6" – 6-1/2"
Over 30"W – 36"W x Over 75"H – 84"H 4" 2-1/2" – 3-1/2" 2-1/2" – 3-1/2" 6" – 6-1/2"

M. Shutter Configurations for Interior and Exterior Shutters 101-113: