Mantel Specifications

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Fireplace Mantel Specifications

To read about our Mantel Collection's standard sizes, please download our PDF file here.

PINECREST® makes high quality hand carved fireplace mantels for some of the world's finest architects, builders and designers.

The same skill and attention to detail our customers have come to expect from PINECREST® doors are available in a unique collection of 300 fireplace mantels. Our historical collections of hand carved mantels consist of 18th, 19th and 20th century French, English, American and more.

Each of our mantels is started and completed by a single craftsman who takes great pride in the tradition of fine wood carving.

If you do not find PINECREST®'S standard mantel designs suitable to your needs, you may specify necessary alterations or supply us with plans, sketches or photographs.

Our standard size mantels are designed to accommodate a 36"W x 30"H rectangular firebox opening. For custom sizes, the mantel opening width, opening height and projection may be changed to suit your specifications.

Most PINECREST® mantels are made to accept a brick or marble projection beyond the wall line (figures 1 and 2). This feature allows for ease of installation and enhances the appearance. The flush mounted mantel (figure 3) is designed for installations where the fireplace surrounds are flush with the wall. For surround projections of 1” or less, a flush mount mantel may be used. 1” x 1” scribing strips are supplied for the back edges and front firebox opening of flush mounts.

Most building codes require at least a 6" surround of noncumbustible material such as brick, marble or tile. Be sure to install mantel to comply with building codes of local jurisdiction.

If you wish to have a curved firebox opening and wish to have an arched mantel with a compatible curvature, you may supply PINECREST® with a template.

Standard woods are solid red oak, cherry, Philippine mahogany, ash, birch, maple and paint grade poplar. Other woods are available upon request.

All mantels are manufactured with U.S. kild dried hardwoods with natural variations in color, grain and texture. Hand select lumber is available. We recommend hand select lumber for non-stained clear finishes.

Mantels are shipped assembled and unfinished.

To read about our Mantel Collection's standard sizes, please download our PDF file here.