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Decorative grilles in our Lightsmith collection lend themselves to a wide range of applications from the refined to the casual, to whatever your imagination can create. Over 150 grille designs are featured. All designs are available in veneered MDF, MDF, solid hardwoods, powder coated steel and aluminum. For entire grille line, explore the grille ecatalog or click on the menu bar "Lightsmith Grilles" found at the top of the page.

Sliding Doors - Incorporate any of our grille designs into a sliding door system. Frame thickness 1-3/8" with 3/4" thick grille. Design 2B shown above. Installation shows sliding panels with translucent copolyester. Copolyester is transparent enough so that the grille pattern is clearly visible from the other side.

Any grille pattern can be used to create a mirror or wall hanging (shown on right).

Bifolds -

Some of the many grille designs available. For complete listing review Grille eCatalog.

Design 66B   Design 66C   Design 94   Design 18   Design 138
Design 2   Design 87   Design 42   Design 91   Design 149
Thank you for your patience. This page is still under construction - more designs will be added.


For a complete listing of available designs, view online eCatalog or click on "Lightsmith Grilles" on menu bar across the top.